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You Are A…

The four things i tell myself when i look in the mirror every morning

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Scene from S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 & #3 without text

Writer- Jonathan Hickman

Art- Dustin Weaver

Color- Christina Strain

You kinda missed the thesis of that movie.
hollygoharder, on Shrek

Tearing off part of the paper towel instead of the whole thing every single time is my superpower.


These Images of Calvin & Hobbes in Real Life Settings are Equal Parts Hilarious and Beautiful

Few things have made me laugh and genuinely moved me the way Calvin and Hobbes has, both when I was a child and even now when I revisit the strips. As such I found these images, created by photographer Michael S. Den Beste, featuring Bill Watterson’s beloved characters in real life settings to be at once hilarious and genuinely touching. You can check them all out, and choose your favorite, after the cut.




“Elaine is a theatrical device.”

anyone in any creative field — here. here is your worst nightmare being filmed.

Goodnight Elaine. You’re amazing.


I find many of the careless, occasionally cold, portrayals of rural America by large, urban media outlets to be concerning, and occasionally upsetting. This blog post by an author from Eastern Kentucky does a good job of explicating those feelings.

A recent piece in the New York Times, the so-called paper of record, recently referred to Appalachian Eastern Kentucky—a community of living, breathing human beings—as “the smudge of the country.”

What’s the matter with Eastern Kentucky? The matter is you don’t know what you’re talking about.


I really hope HuffPo never stops putting captions and images in the reverse order I expect in their sidebar. Right now, every visit is a new adventure in unlikely juxtaposition.

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